We partner with small businesses and nonprofits to help them create automated financial systems, know their numbers, and grow their organization.


The financial health of my business has never been better! The Trellis Club has gone above and beyond their bookkeeping and accounting responsibilities. If you want to grow your business the right way, I would strongly recommend partnering with The Trellis Club.

Brittany Whitenack, Antique Candle Co.
Prior to our working with The Trellis Club I spent a ridiculous amount of time each month getting my book keeper and accountant reports and information they needed to get my books done correctly. The Trellis Club has completely streamlined our processes which has freed up valuable time for me. They also have been able to give me detailed monthly reports like I have never had before which has been incredibly valuable for our planning and forecasting. Both myself and my accountant have never been happier. We would highly recommend their services to anyone.

All Plans Include

  • Monthly Financial Closings

  • Bank/Credit Card Reconciliations
  • Month End Financial Reports
  • Unlimited Support
  • Sales Tax Filing
  • CPA or Tax Preparer Communication
  • No long-term contracts.

Optional Add On’s

  • Full Service Payroll via Gusto

  • Budgeting and Forecasting

  • Upgraded reporting and analysis
  • Monthly financial consulting
  • Looking for help with one time setup/ fix of your organizations books and/or payroll? We have a Trellis Launch Service.




$350starting at monthly
  • Monthly Reconciliation
  • Monthly Reports
  • Customization of Chart of Accounts
  • Unlimited Support


$500starting at monthly
  • Weekly Reconciliation
  • Monthly Reports
  • Cloud Systems Consulting
  • Upgraded Reporting


The Trellis Club is setup as a location independent business. We are based in the Chicagoland area. Technology and software has advanced to enable us to keep your books seamlessly no matter where you are located.
The Trellis Club is not for everyone. We exist for businesses and nonprofits that want a simple, automated, and streamlined financial process. We seek to eliminate dated systems and automate as much as we can. This process frees leaders and managers to focus their time and energy on growing their organization.
We use QuickBooks Online for all of our Trellis Club members. While other bookkeepers may offer flexibility in what software you use, we are committed to being experts in QuickBooks Online. QuickBooks has been the gold standard of accounting software and they are constantly improving.
We want our service, product and price to keep you with us, not a contract. Therefore, all of our plans are offered at a fixed monthly rate and only require 30 days notice to cancel services. We also offer a 30 day money-back guarantee on regular bookkeeping services. Try us out, if you’re not happy, get your money back.
If you are currently using QuickBooks Online and everything is in order and up to date, there are no setup fees. If we need to reorganize, setup your Chart of Accounts, or transfer your books to QBO, we charge a small setup fee. Any backup bookkeeping is billed hourly.

If you are wanting to get completely setup with QuickBooks Online or payroll but will not be using our monthly services, we do have a Trellis Launch service available.

No, we do not. We believe it can often be beneficial to have a local or industry centered CPA in dealing with business taxes and local/state issues. We’ll work directly with your CPA throughout the year with any adjustments or issues. Looking for a CPA? We work with some great ones whom we’d be happy to recommend.

The simple answer is: yes! Cloud-based means the software company keeps your data as well as backups of your data on their own protected servers instead of being stored on your own computer. This enables you to access your books anywhere with an internet connection. Your bank and even the IRS stores information in the cloud. QuickBooks Online and Gusto use bank level encryption.

Because we offer our plans at a low cost and using our systems, we do not include any prior adjustments or fixes for work we did not perform. However, if you do sign up for The Trellis Club, we’d be happy to inspect your books, report errors, and fix any problems we see. Because we cannot estimate the time it will take to complete bookkeeping fixes, we bill this work out at an hourly rate.
We offer unlimited support with all plans within The Trellis Club. Have a question? Call us or send us an email and we’ll get back to you. We pride ourselves on our commitment to our clients.
We will send you an updated balance sheet and profit and loss statement (Income Statement) by the 15th of the month following the previous month. (For example we’ll send October’s updated statement by November 15th) This gives us time to make sure all transactions are on the books and accounts are reconciled (meaning they agree with your bank statement and credit card statement). We can customize this report for you with prior year data (if available), budget to actual, and month by month comparisons.
As an add on service, we do offer a monthly financial analysis which includes upgraded reporting with metrics and goal comparisons as well as a monthly consultation with a consultant.
Many organizations talk about a budget, few use a budget to its full potential. A budget can greatly help you reduce costs, find areas of overspending, and forecast growth.

Need a budget? We offer an add on budget service billed monthly. We’ll help develop your budget against industry metrics and using your prior financial data, input your budget into the books, adjust the budget as needed throughout the year,  and report on differences between actual costs and budgeted costs.

There are numerous advantages to moving to our cloud based service. First, you always have access to your financial data as you can login 24/7 to your QuickBooks Online account. Second, our internal systems and processes use the latest technology. Our processes are constantly improving to enable organizations to maximize their efficiency and us to maximize value to you. Third, you know you are getting a steady professional bookkeeper with The Trellis Club and our cloud based service. We have the experience, the support, and are committed to cost effectiveness to help enable your organization to thrive.