Small business owners wear a lot of hats. They have to manage vision, sales, customer service, marketing, processes, quality control, employees, and finances. The Trellis Club exists to free small business owners from wearing one of those essential hats: managing it’s finances and payroll.

We help create, automate, and maintain a cloud-based bookkeeping, payroll, and HR system custom designed for your business. In short, we build and maintain your Financial Trellis. Every month, we’ll send you updated financial summaries. We help you KNOW your numbers and GROW your business.

We seek to eliminate:

  • Dated systems and processes- see manual checks, paper filing systems, physical receipts stapled to excel spreadsheets, paper approval process, manual invoicing via spreadsheet templates.
  • Double data entry- data should only have to be entered once. We setup your systems to import or sync wherever possible.
  • Wasted labor hours- we can free up hours per week spent on data entry as we automate as much as possible.
  • Sales tax filing headaches- We will prepare and file your sales taxes on your behalf
  • The Payroll and HR vortex- We use a simple cloud based payroll and HR solution that enables direct importing of employees hours, free new employee self on-boarding, storage of employee documents, 401K and health benefits options, pay as you go workers compensation insurance, and automatic employer payroll tax preparation and filing.
  • Excessive tax bills-  you can save big money on your tax bill in handing your CPA a crystal clean set of books at the end of the year.



All Plans Include

  • Transactions Entered Monthly
  • Bank/Credit Card Reconciliations
  • Month End Financial Reports
  • Unlimited Support
  • Sales Tax Filing
  • Communication with your CPA or Tax Preparer
  • QuickBooks Online subscription charged separately

Add-on Services

  • Payroll & HR
  • Budgeting
  • Transactions entered weekly
  • Upgraded reporting and analysis
  • Monthly financial consulting
  • Bookkeeping Fixes and Setup
  • Accounts Payable/Bill Pay


To give an accurate quote, you’ll need to know the average amount of transactions from your organizations last few months bank accounts and credit cards. Transaction counts are listed on statements (checks, withdraws, and deposits are all considered transactions).

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