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We do everything brewers don’t want to do. We help create, automate, and maintain a cloud-based bookkeeping, accounts payable, expense reporting, payroll, HR, and inventory management system. We seek to save you time, money, and multiple headaches that stem from dated and/or disordered systems.

We seek to eliminate:

  • Dated Systems and Processes- see manual checks, paper filing systems, physical receipts stapled to excel spreadsheets, paper approval process, manual¬†invoicing via spreadsheet templates. We automate as much as we can enabling a virtually paperless organization.
  • Double Data Entry- data should only have to be entered once. We setup your systems to import or sync wherever possible. From sales entries to purchases, technology has advanced in the past few years to automate much of manual data entry.
  • Wasted Labor Hours- we can free up hours per week on data entry, expense reporting, payroll, and basic bookkeeping.
  • Sales Tax Filing Headaches- We will prepare and file your sales taxes on your behalf
  • The Payroll and HR vortex- We use a simple cloud based payroll and HR solution that enables direct importing of employees hours, free new employee self on-boarding, storage of employee documents, 401K and health benefits options, pay as you go workers compensation insurance, and automatic employer payroll tax preparation and filing.
  • Disorganized Inventory Tracking- Keeping track of everything in a brewery is hard. Having an inventory system in place is step 1 to knowing your true costs from month to month of beer and food. We can streamline inventory tracking for you.